Tap, Ballet, Street Jazz, Freestyle, Acro/gym, lyrical and hip hop. £5.50 per class
Performance Group By audition only
50% Sibling discounts available. Reduction for multiple classes, please ask for details.


Tap, Ballet, Salsa, Latin, Ballroom, Jazz, Pilates, Aerobics £5.50 per class
Pole Dance exercise £6.00 per class
A £20 weekly ticket is available for unlimited classes please ask for details

Children & Adults

Private Lessons *
1hour £40.00 - Bookings necessary
½hour £20.00 - Bookings necessary
1hour Pole Dance exercise £40.00 - Bookings necessary
½hour Pole Dance exercise £20.00 - Bookings necessary
*Please note the maximum number of people permitted in a private lesson is 4


Private tuition is available in all styles of dance, We also do private courses for personally customised first wedding dances for brides and grooms to be...

In addition to the lessons above we can also organise childrens parties and run summer school in the holidays, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.